Big Bear Snow Gallery

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This gallery contains 20 photos.

Big Bear Snow Gallery This is a gallery of pictures I took a couple years …

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Big Bear Snow 5

Big Bear Snow 5, the fifth picture in this series. Sorry, they are no longer in any numerical order, I simply didn’t have then numbered right. This photo is where I hikes up to in the snow wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, having come up not knowing there would be snow.

Big Bear Snow 5 image

Big Bear Snow 5

The prior day I had been in the same location, and it had been a warm fall day, sunny, no snow falling or on the ground at all. Crazy how quickly that changed, especially in the eyes of a desert dweller from the flat lands.

Big Bear Snow 4

Big Bear Snow 4 was taken on the move from the passenger window as Scotty drove me back up the mountain to obtain new photos, as the ones the day before were too dark.

Big Bear Snow 4 image

Big Bear Snow 4

I was surprised that so much snow could fall so fast, because the day before when I had been up here there was no snow falling, and no snow on the ground, a warm fall day.