Buy American

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Buy American Written and published July 29th. 2013, re-edited and republished Feb. 22nd, 2015 I …

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How do we make solar work

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How do we make solar work How do we make solar work, Pt. 2 on …

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Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy Means Security and Stability (Written and posted on the original January 21st, …

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Reality TV Celebrities

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Reality TV Celebrities Who Are They? (Originally written and posted Jan. 17th, 2013, edited and …

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Grow Your Own Food

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Grow Your Own Food (Crow Your Own Food was first appeared in the original …

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Who wants to be President?

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Who wants to be president? (Original Who wants to be President? written on the original …

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Los Angeles Football

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I grew up in the LA area, and as such I have many fond memories …

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