We are back online

To everyone out there, I want to sincerely apologize for the “outage” we have had for a couple months. The old server company is corrupt as all get out, and permitted bad people who do bad things to basically take over all our sites on one sever. They claim “Oh, your password must have been weak, which allowed the bad guys to hack in blah blah blah…” No, it was a seriously hardened password, but the server was not secured correctly. That same server company has been buying up all the good guys for years, and soon afterwards it all spirals to hell. I know, I have fired them no less than 6 times, only to have the company I moved to get bought out too.

At any rate, after nearly a week waiting for a support ticket to be acted on, they come back say they only have a weks worth of back ups to restore it all, so shoot, I just duplicated all the content and moved it to a good server company.

The content that was coming up was some weird porn site, and you have our apologizes for not catching the hack sooner.

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