Little Zoey Talks

Welcome to the video Little Zoey Talks. This is a video I made of the grand daughter about 4 years ago in which we followed our usual meal ritual. I’d talk to her and she’d talk back in her baby talk. I added captions later.

Little Zoey Talks
Little Zoey Talks image

Little Zoey Talks

I wanted Z, from a young age, to know and understand that what she has to say is important, that people will listen to her and take time out to talk with her.  Yeah, well, that worked, now she talks pretty much all the time, lol, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I remember growing up and my European elders, grandpa in particular, saying “Children are to be seen and not heard.” How offensive. Not for Z, she is to be heard. And you know what? Her school principal spent some time with her one day (nothing bad, we were
just late picking her up from school) and told us “In all my years doing this I have never seen a more articulate child. She’s special, and probably going to be some sort of public speaker.”
I have moved where this video is hosted from my server to YouTube then imported the video in from there, but had trouble making the embed work. This would have sped up our server by not bogging it down, and reduce my internal storage. Lets face it, YouTube is forever.

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