Collective Soul Satellite Video

This is also shows on our Youtube channel, about 6400 views since I created it. I made this Collective Soul Satellite video about 3 years ago, and the story is that I found my old mp3 player in my desk and went through that which was in it.

Collective Soul Satellite Video
Collective Soul Satellite Video image

Collective Soul Satellite Video

I had forgotten all about this song, and was struck once again by it’s meaning, so I sat down and created a video to go along with it. I got snippets of video from several places and put it all together into a lyric video, and loaded it onto Youtube, then promptly forgot about it. Well I found it again, and at this moment it has like 6400 views.Not bad. Not viral either, but that wasn’t the point. Watch, you’ll get the point I’m sure.

Rush Losing It (The Bell Tolls For Thee)

This is sometimes called Rush The Bell Tolls For Thee, but it’s actual name is Losing it.

Rush - Losing It (bell tolls for thee)
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Rush Losing It

Rush Losing It (The Bell Tolls For Thee) is the first video I’m re-posting on the
new, as it is the one single most requested search term people
have been looking for, so here you go folks. This came from the Signals album,
a largely overlooked song, but as the fans age they weight and meaning of this
song comes back to haunt. Yes, we lose things on the way as we age, no
there’s not much we can do but accept it, but that doesn’t mean we have to like