Big Bear Snow 10

Big Bear Snow 10 is after I had walked forever in the snow to the target location in running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt. It honestly wasn’t that cold, all that Norse blood running through me maybe, lol. I had to walk because right about the spot where I took this picture, the VW started sliding down the hill. While I walked to shoot the picture, my boy Scotty turned the car back around for the trip back. Here he waits all toasty roasty, lol. We didn’t expect snow, and when we ran into it we didn’t expect it to be this much in the few short hours it had fallen. Scotty had not had the Jetta long, and wanted to to see how he, and it, would do on mountain roads. Lastly, I left him behind in the warmth of the car because it was my gig, and there was no reason for both of us to die of exposure. Oh, yeah, a local drove past me when I walked back, he’s all bundled up and I’m dressed for summer. He just shook his head in the “Crazy flatlander” way they do up there.

Big Bear Snow 10 image

Big Bear Snow 10

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